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The Benefits of Learning Center

Learning center

The experiences kids have in a learning centre, consisting of a play group, preschool, nursery & kindergarten,  in the early years have profound effects on their future as these are the formative years during which a child grows rapidly till the age of five. A Learning Center aids this development in the following ways:

Academic Achievement: The benefits of Preschool or Learning Center include overall academic achievement and school success, less grade repetition, special education and increased high school graduation rates.

School Readiness:  Participation in high-quality, center-based pre-K programs positively influences a child’s kindergarten readiness. Positive impacts include gains in achievement test scores, including early literacy and math skills, as well as improvements in social and emotional development.

Social/Emotional Development: Preschool or Learning Center has long-term impact on social and emotional development i.e. the skills that allow people to interact appropriately and effectively with others, which may be the most important takeaway from preschool.