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Vegetable & Fruits

Good Nutrition: A Driver For Physical, Socio-emotional and Cognitive Development

A child’s cognitive, social, and physical development depends heavily on the degree to which their diet includes appropriate amounts of nutrients and calories.

Actual developmental delays do not develop until lack of proper nutrients becomes severe, the diet of children (dependent on fast food) does not provide, an especially ideal foundation for physical and cognitive growth and development.

A decline in physical exercise among children compounds the diet issue. Recent studies suggest that the average child now watches at least three to five hours of television per day. Unfortunately, other studies also show that pubertal and post-pubertal children currently spend only eight to 10 minutes per day in aerobic activity. This lack of physical activity can complicate healthy physical development.

Kidzcare prepares fresh food in the in-house kitchen

We provide only vegetarian food and follow a balanced diet program. We have varying menu through the week to keep our tiny tots interested in the meal they eat



Breakfast consist of idli, upma, bread, etc.  
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Lunch consist of roti, rice dal, curds, vegetables, etc.
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Evening snacks consists of milk, biscuits, fruits, etc.
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