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The benefits of day care

Child care (“daycare” and/or “creche”) is the caring for and supervision of a child or children, usually from age six weeks to age thirteen. Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care center, babysitter, or other providers.

Learning center

The Benefits of Learning Center

The experiences kids have in a learning centre, consisting of a play group, preschool, nursery & kindergarten, in the early years have profound effects on their future as these are the formative years during which a child grows rapidly till the age of five.


A PLEDGE – Mutual Respect

Child care is a profession and not a babysitting service. It is a profession where children are being taken care and being molded for the future. Childcare providers are professionals; please do not refer to them as babysitters. Mutual R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way!