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A PLEDGE – Mutual Respect


Child care is a profession and not a babysitting service. It is a profession where children are being taken care and being molded for the future. Childcare providers are professionals; please do not refer to them as babysitters. Mutual R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way!

1. Providers Have the Right To Charge Late Fees and Other Applicable Charges

Providers have the right to additional fees if parents are late for picking up their children. Care providers charge even if a child is not taken to the care centre on a particular day (the slot is still being held for this child). Care providers charge in advance and not make exceptions, as they often get taken advantage of by families if they don’t. Care providers are empathetic to the kids in their care and their families; however, they need to get paid for their service.

2. Pay your childcare providers bill on time.

Like all the household necessities where the bills are being paid on time, childcare providers need be well in advance without being reminded for the same. After all, parents are using care providers usually because they are working themselves to also collect an income. As you don’t have to remind your employers for your salary, make sure that you don’t get reminded to pay the childcare providers bills. They are there to take care of your child.

3. Care Providers Are NOT Housekeepers

Do not expect care providers to do your child’s laundry and wash their cups or items. That’s not to say that providers won’t sometimes wash soiled clothing, rinse mud off shoes, or wash a sippy cup. But, parents should realize that a provider is being gracious and is going above what is required.

4. Boundaries and Rules Are Good For Kids & Their Parents

Parents and Childcare providers should be clear on rules surrounding transportation (some providers take kids to the park or library; others do not for liability reasons), food that is served, discipline approaches taken, and other care issues. Parents and providers should be comfortable with the provider’s rules. If not, they have a choice to go elsewhere, and providers have the choice not to keep a child.

5. Scrapes and Scratches Will Happen

Accidents will happen. It’s the basic phenomena in life. So, why is it that parents will become outraged sometimes when their child gets scratched, bumps a knee, or even, regretfully, bitten? Childcare Providers do their very best to keep kid play safe and positive, and to have all children be best of friends. But, falls and scrapes do happen. Just like they do at YOUR house.